A Girl’s Guide to Birthstones

By Amanda Kohr

January: Garnet

Garnets are symbols of love, constancy, and faith. They are known for the ability to protect, making them great to wear for travel or when trying to ward off bad dreams. Some people also believe that the stone can help energize the wearer.




February: Amethyst

This pretty purple stone is believed to strengthen relationships and bring courage. Many years ago, the stone was so important that only royalty were allowed to wear it. Now amethysts are often worn by healers, who admire the stone for its ability to encourage peace.




March: Aquamarine

The aquamarine stone has an ancient history. Old traveling sailors believed that the gem had the power to protect them against the sea god, Neptune, and ward off ocean dangers. Now people see the aquamarine as a symbol of creativity, hope, and self-expression.




April: Diamond

The diamond symbolizes love, purity, innocence, and courage. Diamonds also have a rich and beautiful history. In Sanskrit, the diamond is called “vajra,” which means lightning. Long ago, ancient tribes believed that diamonds were the tears of mythological gods.



May: Emerald

The emerald is a special stone, known for being the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra’s favorite gem. The Romans dedicated the emerald to Venus, or the goddess of love and beauty. Now people believe emeralds to represent growth, patience, and wisdom.



June: Pearl

This shiny white stone symbolizes purity. Some believe it has the ability to calm a stressed-out mind and help soothe anger. It’s also known to help those in their creative projects, so many people wear pearls when working in art, music, or theatre.



July: Ruby

The dark red ruby is a symbol of peace and harmony. The Ancient Hindus believed the ruby as “the king of gems” and thought it had the ability to protect wearers from bad energy. Now we see the ruby as a sign of love and success



August: Peridot

This light green stone is believed to come from volcanic ashes, where it was made from the tears of the Pele, the volcano goddess. Ancient tradition says that peridots are great forms of protection, as they help provide the wearer with strength and bravery.




September: Sapphire

The color of the deepest ocean, sapphires symbolize dignity, loyalty, serenity, and wisdom. Many once believed it could fend off poisoning, making it a favorite stone among Kings.




October: Opal

The opal symbolizes confidence, hope, and creativity. Long ago, opal necklaces were worn to help ward off bad energy and protect eyesight. The word “opal” even comes from the Latin word opalus, which means “precious jewel.”




November: Topaz

Many associate the topaz with love and affection. It is believed that topaz wearers will experience increased strength and intellect. These yellow stones are also believed to help heal both the body and the brain.



December: Turquoise

Long ago, the turquoise was regarded as a love charm. It’s also a symbol of success, and is believed to help relax the wearer’s mind. They represent a happy life full of good luck.