Internet, meet Stella Bonstin (11) and Wesley Pfleeger (10)-by girls gone child

We're so proud of our Art Director Wesley Pfleeger and Contributor Stella Bonstin for this awesome interview with Girls Gone Child - an amazing and inspiring blog by Rebecca Woolf!

                                                              Stella (left) and Wesley (right)   

                                                          Stella (left) and Wesley (right) 

"GGC:  How are you working together to make positive change within your community and beyond? 

Wesley: We are trying to do more workshops with girls that maybe don't have as much access to the arts. We want to make more places and opportunities for girls to connect and feel comfortable. We are trying to do stuff with the libraries in LA and I’m excited about that. 

Stella: I feel like Bright Lite is really good for the community cause girls can really express themselves (here). 

Wesley: We are really trying to make our own community where girls can come together in a safe space and express themselves."

Please check out the rest of the interview Here.