Lots of jewelry falls apart at school

Lots of jewelry falls apart at school.

During dance practice,
Random pieces of cherished bracelets
Flung far into the darkest, dustiest corners
Of the mouth of the rough auditorium stage.

The cheap necklace with
The painted golden bird and heavy cage
The cage my favorite part
If only for its unexpected solidarity.
It lies somewhere still in the sands
Of the plastic elementary school playground.
Now the bird flies free,
Alone and separate
From the cage that once held it rigid.

The metal ring with the daisy
The beautiful big cornflower blue daisy
With a sparkling deep yellow center like an egg.
Severed from its in the end
Not so savior band
In a particularly savage round of recess tether ball.

And finally the choker
From my mother
Made by my aunt
Ages ago, ages.
I wore it as a bracelet
'Til it split apart one day when I
Emerged from dreary algebra
The tinier black beads
Hidden among the monstrous backpacks
And the translucent pink beads
Glinting in the thin May sun.

Lots of jewelry falls apart at school.