Girls and Their Cats: A Writing Prompt

BY: Liv Bjorgum

Why are there so many portraits of girls and women with cats? (Probably because girls + cats = everything amazing ever.) Pick one (or all) of these portraits and write a little (or a lot) about the females pictured and their furry friends.

Cecilia Beaux

Here's one example, where I chose Cecilia Beaux’s masterpiece (and my darling black cat Gibby) as inspiration:


Loretta von Bergstrom was not a typical young woman. She had grown up in icy Germany with a governess who was also a witch. The governess taught Loretta what she could of the normal world, which for her time included etiquette and grammar and embroidery and such. But there always lingered in the dear governess a yearning to teach Loretta of her craft. And so she, with her witchy, lumpy nose and her coarse black hair, passed on the secrets of cauldrons and superstition and the particular necessity of a sweet black cat. Their whiskers were good luck, she said, and their smooth purrs were the secret ingredient for love potions that would sweep the recipient off their feet. And, although she never said it, black cats were also the best companions.

Utagawa Kuniyoshi

Girl Knitting by Albert Anker

Pierre Auguste-Renoir

A Meal for Two

by Victor Gabriel Gilbert

Let us know what you come up with! 

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